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‘Conscientious objection to end the war’ 11:26 13.05.2010

VAN (DIHA) – Conscientious objector Inan Suver said that conscientious objection would be the end of the wars. Suver announced last year that he is a conscientious objector since he is against to be drafted.

‘Widespread knowledge about conscientious objection would be the end of the war’ said Inan Suver, who is conscientious objector since last year. He had been arrested and also faced a lot of pressure for being against to serve for army.

Inan Suver answered DIHA’s questions on the process of being conscientious objector:

“I believe conscientious objection is going to be more common and this common approach against violation and compulsory enlistment makes it possible to end the war. This is important for both Kurds and Turks. Our struggle as conscientious objectors is going to open the path to have common understanding against war. We are facing really difficult conditions as opposite force against army struggle. For example; I’m dealing with this problem since 2001. I witnessed all kinds of suppressing during this period. Army kept me in army facilities by force for 13 months and then arrested me for 7 months. I faced torture and bad treatment during 20 months term passed in army facilities and army prisons. I witnessed that how much pressure army can practice on young people due to change or give them a different shape to fit army’s rules. I’m not going to allow them to re-shape me without my willingness. I’m against violation in any reason and any type. Kurds lost 50 thousands of people in 30 years, thousands are also injured and disabled. This must be ended and public’s positive understanding about conscientious objector would be the end of the war.”


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